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Who we are?

IMAT manages, operates and develops real estate projects in Mexico City.
For more than 18 years, we have assembled a portfolio of properties with commercial, industrial and residential uses in order to provide well being to all our customers. We look to satisfy your real estate needs, through our different properties such as corporate offices, warehouses, condominiums, temporary housing and commercial spaces for sale and lease.


What we do?

1. We look for the best location on land to develop.
2. We see what characteristics the environment has, to know if the project will be residential for rent, condominiums for sale, offices, warehouses or houses.
3. We look for the best architects, engineers and contractors, to makes the development team that executes the master projects with the highest quality and performance, depending on the area and the characteristics of each place.
4. We seek that all our developments have world class engineering to guarantee an excellent operation of our properties.
5. With the help of our commercial department we seek that these properties are rented, leased or sold looking for the end buyer all the way to organizations and companies with thousands of guests from all over the world, for leases.




Global Goal

Our global goal is to be able to serve clients from all over the world who come to our country looking for apartment rentals, residence sales, office or warehouse leases with world-class quality and service in our properties, and to satisfy the needs of both the end buyer as well as the companies we lease and seek they feel at home.




We seek to help our clients find their ideal space by making their move and relocation as easy as possible, inspired by the tranquility and comfort they can feel when being in any of our properties, making this part of their life a joy to them.